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When we are trying to conceive a baby, we are hit with information about ovulation calendars and cervical mucus. It is also quite universally accepted that one should not drink too much alcohol, or smoke cigarettes while attempting to get pregnant, regardless of gender. But did you know that the right kind of diet can increase your fertility and your chances of conceiving? So just what are the best foods for fertility?

A diet that is high in fruits and vegetables ensures a good quantity of antioxidants in your system. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale contain folate, which decreases the chance of birth defects, and the wide range of vitamins and goodness in fruits and vegetables keeps both you and your fetus healthy! Omega 3 fatty acids, which you can get from nuts, oily fish, and avocado among other things, promote general health and increase your fertility.

If you are struggling with fertility conditions such as endometriosis, Omega 3 fatty acids are exceptionally beneficial to you. The complex carbohydrates you find in brown rice, brown bread, whole-grain pastas, and other foods, help your body regulate insulin levels and are great for fertility because of this. They are also less processed than their white counterparts, and have higher nutritional values. The last food group that I will mention that does wonders for your fertility is full-dairy. This includes full-fat milk, yoghurt, butter and ice cream, as well as sour cream and whipped cream. If you like eating cheese, this is another excellent dairy food, but just make sure that it is pasteurized. Cheeses like roquefort and brie are sometimes raw, and they can contain bacteria that can harm your fetus.

Therefore, it is best to stay away from those while you are trying to conceive. Perhaps most important of all is to make sure your diet is balanced, and varied. Eating too much of any one food group, and not enough of another is never healthy. While you are trying to conceive, and during pregnancy, making sure that your diet contains foods from all major foods groups, is more essential than ever before.

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