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Cycling is such an easy exercise to start up, and according to the experts, it is one of the healthiest forms of exercise one can take part in. The best time of the year to start this new exercise would be spring time, the weathers just starting to warm up and its glorious outside.

What Do You Need to Start Cycling

People are different when it comes to their cycling habits. Some will cycle throughout the whole year no matter what the weather is like outside. Some people, on the other hand, will simply get their bikes out of the garden shed mainly in the spring time, give it a quick clean and set off on their merry way.

The Benefits of Cycling

In comparison to walking, cycling is far healthier and much better for you. By jogging you are potentially damaging your joints and your bones. If we make another comparison of the two forms of exercise when it comes to the energy consumption you will see that by doing five miles of cycling is equivalent to only one mile of walking. However before you put down your bike, you need to know that by cycling you will be using your calves and your thighs mostly to do the pedaling, as well as this you will also be using your abdominals, forearms, and your shoulders to help with the resistance. So you see, even though you have to cycle for longer distances you will be using much more energy and muscles to accomplish that. Now let’s compare cycling to the gym, people generally are stressful creatures, society and our way of living has made us this way. So by being in a sweaty, smelly, hot, testosterone filled gym with people pulling those strained faces whilst lifting bars will help you to feel calm and relaxed then go for it. But if you want to get fit, build your muscle strength in the same way but do it in the fresh air and make the choice if you want to do it alone or not then cycling is for you.Clothing for Cycling Exercises

You see it every day in every country, people cycle in jeans, skirts and shorts, there doesn’t seem to be more of anyone or the other. But be careful with cycling in trousers that are baggy because they can in fact get caught up in the chain and cause injury, ripped clothes and/or an accident. You should always wear a helmet when cycling especially if you are cycling on the roads.

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