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About Cycling

Cycling, also called bicycling or biking, is great means of improving the health. When you first start cycling you shouldn’t expect to be ready for long distance travels. When you reach the experienced level, you will be able to travel 60 miles at approximately 23 miles per hour, or even faster, but as a beginner you’re most likely to develop a speed of 14 miles per hour and travel about 10 miles. Do not be disappointed. Take this revelation to push yourself hard towards goal.

What you should remember is that cycling is a long-term sport. This means that your muscles will actually change over a period of three years, and you will be able to pass great distances at greater speeds. For the first couple of weeks you should practice gradually and take longer rides. Do not feel bad if you’re moving too slow and keep reminding yourself of the progress you’re making going out two-four times a week.

The first effects of your efforts will show in a few weeks and you will be able to cover 15-20 miles. You could even try to push the tempo and go a little faster, but only if it feels comfortable. Remember – cycling should be fun. Maybe you could try a longer ride on the weekend and maintain short rides during the week. No matter what the schedule you take, you should stay focused on two targets: speed and endurance. Whenever you lack time you can practice increasing speed, and in your free time you can practice endurance by taking long rides.


Don’t push yourself hard. You’re making progress with every movement, no matter if it doesn’t always show. Speed and distance will result from regular practice, try not to occupied too much with your average speed or mileage. Many things affect accomplishments, the weather, your mood, your general health. Still, after a successful ride you should feel tired. Tension in your leg muscles will certainly let you know if you have done some real exercise. A lack of it could point out that you’re taking the exercise too easy, and that’s not desirable.

To sum things up, you should cycle every day with reasonable effort, while staying focused on two goals: speed and distance. You should always remember it’s going to take some time before you become really good and are able to take long rides at great speeds. Don’t forget about the great benefits of the physical fitness and cardiovascular health you are getting.

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