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Children love to cycle on their bikes, even in an age of technology. They find the activity fun, useful and the parents are grateful for the exercise it provides to their children. However, when we look at the adult population, it seems that the number of cyclists have dwindled as they grew up. Some still cycle for fun, exercise and convenience but many gave up the healthy habit many years ago.

Why Cycling

This form of exercise is known as an aerobic workout and it holds many benefits such as managing weight and preventing heart diseases. On top of these benefits, cycling can also help to recover your balancing techniques as well as enhance your metabolism rate. If you can learn to follow some form of a training program you can and will be sure to have a healthier life.

Cycling Training Programs

There are many programs to choose from that can suit you and your lifestyle. If you go onto the internet you can find an abundance of different cycling programs that can be altered and designed to your specifications. For example you will need to take into consideration where you live or where it is that you plan on cycling because there’s no point in choosing a program that is designed for mountain biking when you live in a city. You can even decide to buy yourself a stationary bike to do the workout from the comfort of your own home. Another consideration is whether or not to use the advice and assistance of a trainer. This is a good idea because when you are solely concentration on cycling you are only assisting with your lower body and not much will be done about the upper half. A trainer who is knowledgeable about cycle programs can help you to fit into your schedule some exercises that will also benefit your upper body. Thus, you can get the overall result.

How to Plan your Workout Regime

Before you jump into your regime you need to make a plan so you have something to follow and you can make goals for yourself. It is probably advisable to do your cycling workouts every other day for example Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so that you can then fit in the other workouts for your upper body on Tuesday, Thursday and even Saturday. It is important to give yourself a rest day which can be on Sundays.

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