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Most of the people consider thathaving a healthy body requires a lot of time and effort, but this is not thecase. We will show you how you can gain healthy body without extreme effort. Itis important to watch for the five regions of the body, and you will have to performworkout and exercises involving these regions. If you do this, you will have ahealthy, strong and flexible body.

Aerobic exercises

For this region we recommendwalking. Naturally, the warm up should be performed prior to the walking, andstart with a slower pace. After a while, you have to pick up the pace and makethe steps longer. You can also do jogging, but walking will not stress youknees. You can run and walk anytime you want, just try to do it for 30 minutesduring the day. This length can even be divided if you cannot find the time todo the whole exercise at once.

Stretching. If you stretch, your body willbecome more flexible. We recommend doing stretching sessions after everyaerobic exercise. This should take 5 minutes. Other great way of stretching isyoga.Balancing. People will have to practicebalancing every day, especially if they are a bit older, since this abilitywards off during time. For balancing, yoga exercises are a good solution. Try aposition when you stand on one leg, while the other is in your hand and youare pulling the head of the foot towards the back. Perform this exercise notmore than one minute during one day.Strength gaining. The most effective way of gainingstrength is a visit to the gym. But if this option is too expensive for yourtaste, you can also do yoga.Deep breathing. This is very important part ofthe process. We will teach you how to perform deep breathing exercise, whichyou will need to do two or three times a day. First breath out, take a deepbreath, hold the air two times longer than inhaling, and then exhale four timeslonger than inhaling. This will have to be repeated for 10 times.

Exercising plan

We will give you a plan for exercisingthat you can try. Every Monday do breathing exercises, then walk for 30minutes, stretch for 10 and at the end do one balance pose. Tuesday willrequire deep breathing exercises and one hour of yoga. Wednesday repeat theplan for Monday. Thursday will be the same as Tuesday, just like Sunday. Fridaywill require the same plan as Monday and Wednesday. During Saturday, performthe plan for Monday, but introduce 20 minutes of strength exercises.

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