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A lot of people fall into the same night time trap. They eat healthily during the day and by the time the evening comes about they all think the same thought, I’ve been good all day so I shall now indulge in a piece of chocolate, some popcorn, a bowl of cereal and so on.Eating after 7pmMany of us have heard that we should avoid food after a certain time in the evening, usually 7pm. This is unrealistic and unhealthy, your body needs to take in energy all the time it is in the awake mode. As stated earlier, if you have been good all day eating healthy options then you are bound to get a craving later on in the evening.Healthy Night Time Snack Options for Leaning Out Your Body

If you are choosing to lean out your body then you really need to avoid snacking on items such as popcorn and cereal and even unfortunately ice cream because these options are full to the brim in carbohydrates. It is fine to eat these items during the earlier part of the day as you are bound to use the energy stored up from them in the day ahead. Fruit should be your first choice of evening snack, particularly fruits like cherries, oranges, plums, and basically any other berries. These fruits are better than bananas, apples and melons, because they are lower in natural sugars. If you are one of those people that are simply addicted to nighttime cereal then here’s your answer, put together a low fat yogurt and a small amount of cereal with a little fruit, this should help with your hunger, your addiction and your health. Some people prefer the salty approach to evening snacking, so try putting some low fat cream cheese on a stick of celery. You can also try eating some nuts and some seeds like almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and you can put a little black pepper over them or some cajun spices and bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes. Supplements at Night

Optimum ZMA has Zinc in it as well as Magnesium and vitamin B-6, it is an all-natural product which can boost your anabolic hormone levels and help with your muscle strength and also take away fat. Ortho-Core Vitamins is an all round product you can take or you can try Country Life Omega 3 Mood which assists with your brain function.

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