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Breathing Right

This may come strange to some people but it is a very important issue, which people tend to forget and disregard as irrelevant. We constantly breathe and do not think about the way we do this. But you may be surprised to see that any kind of breathing is not totally healthy. We will see how you can breathe properly and healthy. Breathing habits of the most people today are quick and shallow breaths, but the fact is that deep, slow and long breaths are preferable by lungs. This will have great impact on your health and relieve stress more efficiently. The stress management due to proper breathing occurs because of the alterations on the physiological and hormonal level, which are caused by the signals sent to the brain telling it to decrease the speed. And this will result in decreased blood pressure and slower heart rate. The methods of proper breathing are a very popular topic for books because great part of the human population will benefit from proper breathing, particularly those who suffer from asthma and athletes. There are several factors to remember on breathing methods and every person should follow them.


Remember to inhale through the mouth slowly for 5 seconds and slowly exhale through the nose. When inhaling, try to feel the lungs and include diaphragm in the process. The muscle sheet called diaphragm is responsible for pulling the lungs done when inhaling and up when exhaling carbon dioxide. Diaphragm will rise when inhaling and drop when exhaling in right manner. Try to make the breaths as deep as you can in order to do this. Desperate and big exhales and inhales are usually done when we are anxious and this is called chest breathing. This will deflate the chest, but when it occurs, this is what you should do: while you are lying on the floor with hands placed on the chest, try to breathe in normal fashion and decrease the movement of the chest with your hands. During these breaths, include the diaphragm in the process and try to reduce the movement of the chest (this should last 5 minutes). In the situations of the physical challenge or emotional arouse, chest breathing is useful, but during the flight-to-flight situations, these breaths are usually done by an average American. As you can see, stressful situations do not require this kind of breathing but in some situations, they are needed.

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