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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting events in life of every woman. This is true either if you are expecting for the first time or you have had this experience already. During pregnancy, women usually feel maternal emotions for the first time but also the anxiety to certain degree as well. This is normal state because the new mother is naturally worried about development and safety of her baby that she carries inside.

Pregnancy is a particular period in women life that is accompanied with variable conditions thereby special attention is needed. This includes proper nutrition, appropriate level of physical fitness and the beauty maintenance. Several health tips are given bellow to reduce possibility of any unpleasant conditions that follow pregnancy.

Health Tips

The most common difficulty that is present during pregnancy, especially in first trimester, is morning sickness. Morning sickness is dizziness that occurs every morning. This can be reduced if you’re taking 5 or 6 small meal a day. Also sufficient fluid intake is necessary for avoiding this unpleasant everyday occurrence.

Secondly, don’t allow yourself to eat everything you wish for just because you are pregnant. Cravings are normal during pregnancy but think of excess bodyweight you might gain that is hard to get rid off after birth. Besides, your baby doesn’t need all that extra calories. On the contrary, by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and fibers not only you will reduce the craving but the baby will benefit as well. This way you will not gain so much weight and you will be in good shape thus feeling better.

Pregnancy is not illness so you mustn’t spend this wonderful time lying in bed. You certainly need to be careful and rest more than you usually do but pregnancy shouldn’t be just an excuse for laziness. It is normal to feel a bit tired but exercise is vital to your overall health during this period of time. Walk or exercise for half an hour each day. Only in case of complicated pregnancy, you must rest all the time and avoid any effort.

Another misconception is an idea that you should be eating for two. Baby does take nutrition from mother but it is necessary to intake only additional 300 calories that should be taken from healthy snacks.

Pregnancy involves mood swings due to hormonal changes. You can keep your mood with certain foods such as bananas, gooseberries and chillies. Avoid smoking and drinking because of harmful effects on baby and possible fetal anomalies.

Finally, skin and hair may need additional care. Use soaps and oils that will keep your skin moisturized and aid in avoiding stretch marks.

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