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Women after 40

With age, your metabolism starts slowing, immune system starts to weaken and health starts to deteriorate.

After 60, person is considered old and the whole body suffers from numerous problems that will be taken into account in this article.

Nutritional requirements after the age of 40

Older people need fewer calories than young therefore it necessary to cut their amount in your diet. Otherwise, your digestion can suffer.

Fats must be reduced while protein intake should be kept as before (one gram per kilo).

Concerning mineral intake, iron should be taken in regular doses of 28-30 mg per day. Extra iron isn’t necessary since women are in menopause in this age.

After menopause, hormonal alterations take place which leads to loss of bone calcium. Bone flexibility is lost and fractures can easily occur. Additional calcium is necessary to delay this process. Hipbone fracture is the most common fracture in older women.

Vitamins don’t need to be taken in higher doses than normally except for riboflavin, thiamin and niacin.

For women after 40 it is recommended to avoid bad sugar, eat vegetables and dairy products instead.

Health problems of women after 40Constipation. Because of poor food absorption that comes with age, constipation often occurs. Fiber-rich nutrition and plenty of fluid is advised.

Teeth loss. This causes chewing problems so diet must include soft food and fluids like dairies, boiled eggs, cooked vegetables, bananas, oranges and similar. This problem also occurs because of problems with dentures.

Appetite loss. It normally comes with aging, thereby food should be prepared in a way it provokes appetite. Meal should consist of various color and taste vegetables and fruits.

Hypertension. High blood pressure occurs because of reduced renal function which means that fats and salt intake has to be limited in diet.Diabetes. It occurs because, with age, cells lose their sensitivity to insulin. Glucose is recommended for this condition.Post-menopausal symptoms. These symptoms include changes in body weight, hot flushes, reduced skin elasticity, increased blood pressure, changes in libido, insomnia, vaginal dryness and other. Smoking contributes skin elasticity reduction and should be avoided. Body weight can be controlled with regular exercises that should be gradually prolonged.Osteoporosis. It is result of oestrogen deficiency. Oestrogen hormone insufficiency leads to low bone density and due to that bone fractures are more frequent. Treatment includes oestrogen and progesterone hormone therapy. Risk of fractures can also be reduced with calcium and vitamin D supplements.

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