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Crabs are the type of the crustaceans that inhabit the salty waters, and besides the lobsters, are most commonly used in culinary among the similar organisms. There are also a lot of the types of the crabs and they can be all prepared for meals. Naturally, they are very popular because of the tasty contents under the hard shell, but that cover can be prepared to be eaten, as well. Because of that, the biggest ones are the most valuable and popular in cookery, and concerning that matter, the inhabitants of the Atlantic ocean, the Dungness crabs (or the king crabs from the Pacific ocean), are most commonly prepared for eating.

The benefits on the coronary system and the other conditions

In fact, all the edible marine fish and shellfish have a lot of the qualities which are directly focused on improving the work of the hearth, the blood flow and which are beneficial for the blood vessels and the blood itself. The most important characteristic of the crabs, for example, is that they contain a high level of the omega 3 fatty acids; and they are thus very useful in the lowering the risk of getting and even curing some heart-related diseases.
Nevertheless, every type of crabs is beneficial for the health of an organism in general, since all of them contain a lot of vitamins, proteins and minerals (e.g. vitamin B12, zinc, copper, selenium and phosphorus).
However, the characteristic which is especially related to crabs, is the one of being rich in sodium. This chemical is very beneficial because, for instance, helps in lowering the high blood pressure. Similarly as the fruits and veggies, crabs also contain a lot of antioxidants and a high level of selenium, which is the best combination there is, for dealing with the problems that can be provoked by the sometimes harmful effect that the oxygen might have on certain tissues.


Anyway, besides all these mentioned beneficial characteristics of crabs, one should watch out and stay away from the crabs that are collected from the polluted waters. Also, some kinds of crabs, such as the so-called blue crabs, shouldn’t be consumed in the excessive amounts, that is, once in a half of a month is enough. The reason is simple; this kind of crab is rich in mercury (a poisonous heavy metallic chemical element), and the polychlorinated biphenyl (also toxic and prone to accumulate into tissues), which are way too harmful if eaten excessively.

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