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Many people think that the numberof people suffering from cancer in Asia, especially in Japan but it is not acoincidence. Many professionals consider the nutrition to be the main reasonfor this, having especially one part of the diet of Asian people in mind, andthat is fish. This makes seafood very important item and we should include asmuch fish as we can in our diet. Since fish has high levels of minerals, goodfats and vitamins, people have turned to seafood today. More and more seafoodis coming into the eating habits outside Asia, and since the fish has numerouspositive effects on our body, we should not see this as strange. We can onlywonder why this hasn't happened earlier.


One of the benefits is the effectof seafood on the arthritis. Many studies were performed and many have come tothe conclusion that if you eat seafood at least two times per week, it candecrease morning stiffness, fatigue and problems with inflammation. Because ofthis, arthritis problems may be reduced.

Next benefit is the effect on theheart, because fish are an excellent source of good fats and they are also lowin fat. This makes them very friendly on the heart and reduces the chances ofheart problems and blood clotting factors at the same time loweringcholesterol, decreasing blood vessels inflammation and producing relaxation ofthe blood vessels and arteries, which is a good thing.

Depression problems canbe reduced because of the omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood. Also, seafoodhas vitamins A, C, D, and E along with antioxidant, which is something bestfound in shellfish. Because of these items, seafood reduces the chance of heartdisease and strengthens the immune system, while due to the minerals andvitamins, shellfish produces a beneficial effect on the human eyes and skin.

Wehave mentioned omega-3 fatty acids, which are also good in fighting cancer.Cancer of the throat, rectum, mouth, lung, stomach, breast, colon, prostate andpancreas may be avoided by the consumption of fish.

Eating fish can be verybeneficial on the bearing children. Because of this, pregnant women shouldinclude in their diet as much fish as possible. Eating 300 mg of fish duringone day can decrease the problems caused by asthma among children. Sinceseafood has omega-3 acids, and they are good for the mental part of our lives,the seafood can be excellent for those with conditions such as Alzheimer'sdisease. Also, these good fatty acids are high in vitamin D, which helps ourbones by making them stronger. Since studies show that people usually sufferfrom lack of vitamin D and seafood is filled with this vitamin, we can stronglyadvise this way of vitamin D intake.

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