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There are many benefits fromconsuming salmon, and some of them are related to tissue and muscledevelopment, cardiovascular health, body metabolism, and eye care. This fishlive in the seas and river, and it can inhabit saline and fresh water, butthis depends on their development. The official name for this fish isOncorhynchus, which is actually the name for the salmon family. There are manydiverse types of salmon, and they all have a different suffix.


Salmon is a very popular fish forconsumption. Widely known abilities and properties have made it one of the mostpopular and healthy fish available. It has high levels of digestible proteins,vitamins A and D, several vitamin B families, fatty acids, and minerals(phosphorus, selenium, iron, zinc and calcium).

Salmons are born from the eggs located in the rivers, and as they mature,they go towards the seas (they leave for the seas when they become fries). Theylive in the seas and when the time of reproduction comes, they return to theriver where they usually die, after the reproduction. When we talk about the benefits from eating salmon, we can divide them intoseveral groups. The first group affected is the brain and the nerves, and forthis benefit, omega-3 fatty acids are responsible. They are efficient inmaintaining memory and preventing the damage of the nervous system due toaging. Salmon also makes the brain relaxed. It can be used as an antidepressantand in the treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Thesebenefits occur because of amino acids, selenium, vitamin A and D in the salmon.

Next group are hormones, tissue,muscles and enzymes. All of the mentioned items have proteins and amino acidsin their compounds. When we consume salmon, human body very easily absorbs theproteins. Healthy body can be gained by eating salmon, since it has healthyfat, which will help us to achieve this. Items like vitamin A, B and D,selenium, iron, phosphorous and calcium are items found in the salmon, and theybeneficially affect this group. Cardio vascular system is also affected by thesalmon, since the reduction of cholesterol can be done with the consumption ofthis fish. This is because of omega-3 acids, which also help with the bloodpressure decrease, strengthening the cardiac muscles, arteries flexibility andin repairing the tissue of the cardio vascular system. Problems such as eyefatigue, muscular degeneration, vision loss and eye dryness are something thatomega-3 acids found in salmon can help with. Insulin influence is increased bythe use of salmon and thus balancing the blood sugar. Other benefits includetreatment of digestive system and arteries inflammation, eye shining effect,lower the chances of kidney, colon and prostate cancer, and make the skin,nails and hair look beautiful.

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