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One very popular food we will be talking about is calledshrimps and in the following lines, we will discuss about the numbers associatedwith nutritional facts of this popular seafood. These decapods crustaceans arelocated in salt and fresh waters. They can be found at the bottom of the watersand they can swim. After the fish, these delicious translucent crustaceans arethe second most popular food coming from the water. They are considered to behealthy due to the great level of nutrients they have and low levels ofcalories and saturated fats. Let’s look closely to how healthy this food reallyis.

Nutritional Facts

There are just 84 calories in 85g of shrimps and also there are 0.9g of fats,among which 0.2 are saturated, 0.2 are monounsaturated and 0.4g arepolyunsaturated. In the same amount of shrimps, there are 33.7mg of selenium,1.3mg of zinc, 116mg of phosphorus, 155mg of potassium, 28.9mg of magnesium,2.6mg of calcium, 68.6mg of choline, 3.4mcg of folate, 2.2mg of niacin, 1.3mcgof vitamin B12, 1.9mg of vitamin C, 191 IU of vitamin A, 17.9 mg of omega-6fatty acids, 295mg omega-3 fatty acids, 166mg of cholesterol and 17.8g ofproteins.


This is very nutritional food, which raises both HDL and LDL cholesterol, whichis very beneficial on the cardiovascular system. If you follow shrimp diet, theLDL cholesterol increase will be greater than HDL cholesterol. The ratio of HDLand LDL cholesterol can be lowered with the help from shrimps, and this willimprove the health of the heart. We will see which other benefits are associated with this food.The cardiovascular and heart health can be boosted with the help from two fattyacids, omega-6 and omega-3, which shrimps contain. Due to these substances,shrimps can prevent cardiovascular and heart diseases, avoid blood clotting andreduce cholesterol. Rheumatoid arthritis, cancerous tumors, colorectal cancerand high blood pressure are some of the diseases that can be slowed down oreven prevented with the omega-3 fatty acids. Cancer and degenerative diseaseswill have lower influence on you if you consume shrimps due to the seleniumthey have. Selenium eliminates free radicals and avoids the proliferation ofthe cancerous cells. The blood cell maturation and formation will be conducted properlydue to the effect of the vitamin B12. Calcium is properly absorbed because ofthe vitamin D they have, along with the calcium that promotes the development ofgood teeth and bones, which will also be promoted by the phosphorus. Shrimpshave good fats or unsaturated fats, which are beneficial on cardiovascular system,and they have no saturated fats.Be careful when consuming this food since it is known as a great culprit forallergic reactions. It can lead to swelling, wheezing, breathing problems, skinrash, hives and itching. Pure form shrimps are mostly associated with this reaction, so try to avoid them. The taste and flavor of this food can be preserved ifthey are cooked quickly.

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