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Introduction and General Data

Sesame oil has been used in different cuisines for more than 2500 years. Still the real health benefits have been thoroughly investigated in the previous decade.

Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. It is abundant in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Apart from fatty acids this oil contains certain amount of antioxidants, a few vitamins such as vitamin E, A and B, and minerals. Minerals that are present in this oil include rather small amounts of magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and phosphorus.

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

Being the excellent source of polyunsaturated fats especially omega-3, omega-6 and omega -9 fatty acids sesame oil helps in process of normal growth and development. These fats can be successfully used in certain diseases which attack heart and joints. The very oil is also good for patients suffering from diabetes.

The health benefits of sesame oil for heart muscle present in ability to reduce increased blood pressure and take care of proper cholesterol balance. Sesame oil provides with sufficient levels of good cholesterol while the level of bad cholesterol is drastically reduced. All these effects are achieved by the presence of polyunsaturated fats.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are additionally good for all the people who are susceptible to osteoporosis.

Phytonutrients that are significant components of sesame oil can be an excellent source of antioxidants. All the processes that are involved in damage of the cell structure, damage of nucleic acids lead to the outburst of a variety of medical conditions such as chronic diseases and cancer. The pollutants from the surrounding and toxic substances present in tobacco and alcohol additionally contribute to the damage of the cells and its components. Antioxidants that are obtained from sesame oil are highly efficient in reparation processes and prevention of majority of medical conditions. Lignans which are present in sesame oil act as powerful protectors against free radicals. There are three lignans in sesame oil, sesamin, episesamin and sesamolin. These components have also been proven to reduce high blood pressure.

Vitamin E is another excellent component of sesame oil. A single ounce of this oil contains 75% of prescribed daily dose of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a mighty protection of the heart muscle and is also good for prevention of cancers.

Another component of sesame oil is lecithin. Lecithin is outstanding regarding heart conditions and problems with blood vessels.

Additional health benefits that have not been proven yet include the effectiveness of sesame oil to reduce anxiety, improve circulation and enhance immune system. It is also believed that it can prevent a variety of problems regarding nerves, bones and intestines. Some even say that sesame oil can be effective in chronic pain and even decelerate the aging process.

All in all the health benefits of this oil are clear. Still it has to be used moderately.

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