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Saffron is a spice that is widely used especially in the Middle East. The Persians used to prepare remedies with saffron and some of them were intended to cure pain in the abdomen and pain caused by kidney stones. Ancient Persians used saffron even to treat depression. The Chinese use saffron in case of problems with circulation and bruising. This spice has been studied a lot and the results of the studies have pointed to potential anticarcenogenic characteristics. It is also believed to posses the power to boost the memory.

The attractive orange-yellow color of this spice and its intensive fragrance makes it highly suitable for majority of dishes.

Nutrition Benefits of Saffron

In all those people who are suffering from increased levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood, saffron can be of major assistance. This spice is known to reduce the dangerous levels of these chemical compounds.

This spice is abundant in vitamin A and C, B2 and B3 vitamins and folic acid. These components act in perfect synergy and provide with good health. Apart from these vitamins saffron is highly rich in numerous minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, iron, selenium and zinc.

Carotenoids that are other compounds of this spice are efficient in higher diffusivity of oxygen both in blood serum and other liquids. Additionally saffron is great at upgrading the oxygenation in lungs. The carotenoids are also effective in control of the growth of skin tumors. They can even help people suffering from arthritis.

Symptoms and signs of majority of neurodegenerative diseases can be alleviated if one uses saffron on regular bases. The memory is also enhanced and this particularly refers to the loss of memory.

The symptoms of parodontosis and similar inflammatory diseases that affect gums and mucous membrane of oral cavity can be easily relieved if they are massaged with saffron.

There are some people who believe that saffron is good in battle against cancers. Still the valid data regarding these anticarcinogenous properties of saffron have not been collected and investigated to full extent yet. Additionally some people consider that saffron can replace the Prozac in treatment of mild and moderate cases of depression.

A variety of chemical compounds that are extracted from saffron are mighty antioxidants that are excellent in battle against free radicals. They protect our body form dangerous mutations and majority of diseases. Among the many antioxidants present in saffron the most significant are zeaxanthin and lycopene.

So all the previously mentioned health benefits may be a perfect stimulus for all the people who have never used saffron before.

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