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Yellow mustard is a very popular condiment used all over the world in different meals, and in the United States it is used mainly in hamburgers, hot dogs, with chicken and in sandwiches. Not may people know that this condiment has many health benefits and a great nutritional value.

Nutrition facts

One teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds, which are used to make a sauce of the same name, contains 15 calories, 1.1 gram of fiber, 0.9 grams of fat. It contains beneficial essential fatty acids, of which 87.1 milligram of Omega-3 and 84.2 milligrams of Omega-6. As for the minerals, the same amount contains 16.9 milligrams of calcium, 9.7 milligrams of magnesium, 27.3 milligrams of phosphorus and 22.2 milligrams of potassium. It also contains iron, zinc, selenium and manganese.

Health benefits of yellow mustard

Yellow mustard can be used as seeds, which can be whole or ground and can be used raw, although they taste better if roasted, or as a sauce.

Several scientific studies have focused on the alleged ability of yellow mustard to prevent and stop the growth of gastrointestinal cancer. The results are very promising, so yellow mustard, because of the favorable phytonutrients it contains, is recommended for persons who are at risk of gastrointestinal cancer or have already been diagnosed with it.

Yellow mustard is very rich in selenium and magnesium. These nutrients are very valuable in the prevention of several diseases, among which rheumatoid arthritis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, yellow mustard can be used to relieve asthma fits and reduce their severity. Magnesium in mustard can also help regulate blood pressure, especially in persons who suffer from hypertension.

Yellow mustard is believed to be able to prevent migraine, problems occurring during menopause, and also to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Some studies have shown that, thanks to its anti-inflammatory compounds, mustard can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

People who suffer from fungal infections should increase their consumption of mustard because it may inhibit further growth of fungus.

Yellow mustard is also rich in antioxidants, meaning that everyone, including people who are in perfect health, can benefit from it.

Yellow mustard seeds speed up the metabolism. This is important for proper absorption of nutrients, but it is also useful for people who are looking to lose weight.

In addition, mustard has a very low calorie count, which means that people who are watching their weight or want to reduce fat intake for other reasons, should consider switching from other condiments, like mayonnaise, ketchup and various dressings, to mustard, which is always a healthy and tasty choice.

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