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Indian spices

How many times have you admired some food that you also prepare, but it somehow seems never to have that good taste! We will reveal a part of the secret. It is because of Indian spices that some meal has a magnificent character of changing. Nowadays, there are many different spices that you can find in almost every market, starting from tiny rai to pervading haldi. The English have started exploring India back in old times, and brought along them everything that was good, including spices, and today, life would be unimaginable without them. More and more scientists are also intrigued with spices and they want to dig into the health benefits of them. Thanks to them, we lead more healthier life.

Don't you think that, for example, without cinnamon your life wouldn't be complete? Cinnamon has lots of health benefits, though usually one doesn't even notice that it is in some dish. Its prime benefit is that it is good for the heart. LDL cholesterol can be reduced if you take it every day, it is good for food preservation, and it keeps one's diabetes under control.

Heeng (asafoetida)

Heeng is so strong in taste, that you need only a pinch of it in order to change the direction of taste completely. As a remedy, it is used in the treatment of female problems regarding sterility, unwanted abortion, and painful menstruation. It can also be used as a medicine for the treatment of respiratory problems and flatulence.


Saffron is also known as a golden spice. Its usage improves digestion and appetite, as well as circulation in the organs regarding digestion. It is used in the treatment of disorders of kidneys, bladder, or liver but many people use saffron in the treatment of heart problems, skin lightening and during pregnancy, as it raises body temperature.


Cloves aren’t usually eaten; instead, people only chew it and leave it aside. They have been known as natural anesthetic in healing toothache, in the acne treatment and flatulence.

Black pepper

We are all accustomed to black pepper in our food, but what exactly is it good for? Before putting some more pepper in your food, you should know that it improves your digestion, reduces intestinal gas and it is an antioxidant.

Turmeric haldi

It is helpful for preventing Alzheimer's disease and joint inflammation and it is best consumed when in soups, curries and stews. If you like using spices in your food, you should keep it in your food and store it in its full form.

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