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Xocai chocolate

As every other chocolate, Xocai chocolate is made of cacao. Today it is known that the consumption of cacao can significantly improve our general health, and thanks to many researches regarding cacao, we are now aware that it can be very helpful for different conditions. Cacao can decrease level of cholesterol and blood pressure, but it is good for heart conditions as well. Also it is known that cacao helps in the combat with signs of old age and infections, with losing weight, and that is beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth. By consuming cacao we can gain more energy and improve our memory and that is not all, there are many more effects of cacao, but we will mention some of the most important.

What substances cacao contains?

It is quite understandable to ask how cacao can affect our health. It contains antioxidants and bioflavonoid of which catechins and epicatechin are the most important ones. Some experts claim that these compounds are so efficient, that they can be compared to the most important medicines of our time.

The power of antioxidants

Most of the people know how important antioxidants are, and cacao is a rich source of them. Antioxidants are crucial for our health in today’s world, because our body is usually under a lot of stress, and the food we eat is usually not extremely healthy, which can also be said for the environment we live in. Therefore, free radicals accumulate in our body and can make bad alterations there. Many diseases are connected with the damage made by free radicals. Antioxidants are the main weapon for fighting against free radicals and that’s why it is important to eat the food that contains them. Fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, especially if they are fresh, while unprocessed cacao has the greatest amount of antioxidants of all the sources.

This definitely does not mean that chocolates are healthy, because candy bars are mostly made of sugar and the cacao in them is processed, so it loses its health benefits. Even dark and organic chocolates have 6% of antioxidants contained in unprocessed cacao.

Xocai chocolate

The special thing about Xocai chocolate is that it contains nearly all amounts of antioxidants present in the raw cacao. High level of epicatechin is also present in Xocai and it was said earlier how important this substance is. This chocolate is unique because it has no sugar or additives. These reasons should be enough at least to try Xocai, you might even like it.

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