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Nectarines are a sort of peach. This so-called 'beardless peach' is highly available in almost every part of the world.

Nectarines Contain a lot of Vitamins

Being rich in vitamin A and beta carotene nectarines are a great source of these substances. Additionally potassium which is essential in a variety of body's processes can be obtained in appropriate amounts if one eats nectarines on regular bases.

Nectarines are also rich in lycopene and lutein. The color of nectarines originates from lutein. These two phytochemicals are great guardians of health and prevent from certain heart conditions. They can also be beneficial in prevention of macular degeneration.

This fruit possesses low caloric value. An average-sized nectarine contains only 50 calories. Apart from that there is no fat present in the fruit. Both of these facts make the nectarine perfect for all those who want to lose weight.

This fruit can also be helpful in maintenance of immune system and that is only one of the nectarine health benefits.

Being a significant source of antioxidants eating nectarines can help in protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Free radicals that are created after the exposure to sun light can be easily eliminated if one eats enough nectarines. Normally one should conduct appropriate protection from the sun in the first place. After the ingestion, antioxidants from nectarines are used in generation of vitamin A. The recommended daily doses of vitamin A can be fully obtained through 5 nectarines.

The color of the skin may range from yellow to orange and red. The skin is abundant in bioflavonoids. Carotenoids are the most present. Bioflavonoids are a sort of antioxidants and they are of significant help in battle against carcinogenesis. Not only are antioxidants forming nectarines well in prevention of cancers but they are also helpful in other illnesses.

The problems with constipation can be easily dealt with if one eats one or two nectarines per day.

People need to know that the fruit should be eaten together with the skin as the peeling leads to loss of the significant substances that can be very beneficial. However, people should be aware that the pit of the nectarine contains amygdalin. Amygdalin can be converted into cyanide if ingested. The problem can occur if a person is used to chewing and swallowing of the pits as in case that more than two nectarine pits are swallowed one may end up with cyanide poisoning which is a life-threatening condition.

Is Vitamin Water better than a Nectarine? Vitamin water is promoted as a health drink, because it has a lot of the vitamins added to the water that is already a healthy beverage. Therefore, the combination of a number of vitamins and the water sounds like the most beneficial beverage in the world. Not to mention its sweet flavors and fruity taste that’s added to the water as well but people should learn about the nectarine health benefits first.It is exactly this addition of the taste that makes the quality and nutrition of the water questionable. In order to obtain the taste it has, sugars and artificial additives need to be included into the water, which are not exactly considered the most nutritious substances in the world. Unfortunately, most people tend to judge a book by its cover in this case, which is to say, they decide on whether they’ll consume the water or not based on its taste. When it comes to emphasizing how healthy it is, vitamin water is promoted as the source of every vitamin possible, and yet some of the essential vitamins are left out of it. These include vitamin D and some of the vitamins from the vitamin B complex. In addition to this, vitamin water contains a surprisingly large amount of sugar and calories, particularly when the amount is added to the calories that a person takes in through food every day. Therefore, should someone decide to consume vitamin water on a regular basis, they would most certainly end up gaining weight, not to mention the other possible side effects of it.On the other hand, vitamin water is surely a more acceptable option, when compared to the carbonated beverages that people tend to consume quite frequently. However, in order to avoid bad consequences, it is advised to consume it only from time to time.

The Advantage of Pure Water over Vitamin Water

Pure water is infinitely healthier and no amount of vitamins or any kind of nutrients is likely to surpass it. Pure water is not only the best beverage possible to get rid of thirst, but it also has the ability to cleanse the blood and the whole body from the toxic waste that tends to pile up in it. Consuming vast amounts of pure water on a daily basis will help keep the skin clear and radiant, as well as glowing with the natural glow it’s supposed to have.

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