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Mushrooms have not been known to have an antiviral and anti-tumorous performances. However, the latest studies seem to defy that.

Of all the mushrooms that are known, the white button mushrooms are the ones to have the most impact on our immune system., especially when it comes to antiviral, antitumorous, and anti bacterial features. They can help by improving our immune system’s resistance toward cancers, viral inflammations and other diseases. The same studies suggest that the consumption of white button mushrooms can enhance our natural responses to viruses and tumors, by multiplying the effects of natural killer cells. While in modern countries, the main cause of premature mortality is cancer, some of the studies have shown that some diets enriched by fruits and veggies can have a very high impact on not developing cancer, and other viral processes.Some of the outcomes, of the latest researches have shown that the introduction of edible white button mushrooms have an incredible effect on suppressing the development of new breast cancer cells and an even better effect on “suicide effect” on the same cells. In the developed countries, researches have shown that diets rich in vegetables and mushrooms have decreased the percentage of developed breast cancer and related diseases, including some of the viral infections. The most noticeable effects were concerning breast cancer in women. Some of the researches included the introduction of extracts, of some of the mushrooms to the breast cancer, and the results have shown that the new cancer cell formations were significantly reduced, and that the percentage of “cancer suicide cells” had been increased by at least 40%. High levels of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic substances in white buttoned mushrooms, makes them an ideal deterrent against numerous diseases, such as breast cancer. These compounds can alter the production of estrogen, which has a high impact on developing breast cancer and other diseases related to hormonal imbalances. One of the main causes for hormonal imbalance is ovarian aromatase. Ovarian aromatase is responsible for the great majority of circulating the estrogen through human bodies. It is a very potent enzyme, needed to produce estrogen hormones.

All in all, one cannot go wrong by eating mushrooms, especially if we are talking about women. Mushrooms are a very good diet grocery, and in a long run it can help a person to reach its hormonal levels in balance, and to protect himself from breast cancer.

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