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Birch Tree is very beneficial for human health. No wonder it got the name "tree of life". It is a member of Betulaceae family. Birch is recognized very easily due to its typical white bark with horizontal cracks. It usually grows on altitudes of 1500 m. Its branches are thin and its leaves resemble rhombus or a sharp triangle. It has got elongated flowers. People use bark, buds, leaves etc from birch to make different remedies.

The leaves are used as diuretic and can detoxify our bodies. They are known to treat ulcer. They are full of saponin, mucilage, procatechinic tannin, essential oil, betulin, saccharose, resins. Due to all these components birch has also anti-rheumatic properties. It was used since ancient times to treat fever. The buds have anti bacterial properties thus they are used as natural antibiotic. They are also good diuretic. The bark has positive impact on our stomach. It is rich in betulin and betulinic acid. It has a wide usage in pharmaceutical industry. It is also used in treatment of fever.

Birch is used in treating urinary infections. You can squeeze fresh leaves of it in order to ease pain and infection of urinary tract. It helps body to discharge water without putting extra pressure on kidneys. It can stop the inflammation. Birch is great for our stomach. People suffering from problems with liver or diarrhea can used it. It helps lowering bad cholesterol from blood. Birch can boost circulation. Birch can also help our bodies to combat viruses therefore can ease symptoms of flu and cold. It can treat headaches and is generally beneficial on nervous system. It has anti allergic properties. Since it helps eliminating excessive water from organism it can help in getting rid of toxins and naturally lose weight. Women have benefits from using birch because it eliminates cellulite. It is well known that birch has good effect on skin especially scalp. Many anti dandruff shampoos are made from this great plant. Bark is used in treating dermatitis, eczemas and furunculus. In cases of intoxication the bark from birch can help if chewed immediately.

There are few traditional recipes that contain birch. If birch bark is cut and soaked in water it can be used to immobilize hurt arms. There is a great remedy made from birch leaves that help in hair loss. You need 20 grams of fresh leaves and 200 ml of boiled water. Leaves are chopped and boiled. Cover the potion and leave it to chill. Add sodium bicarbonate. After 6 hours and once you strained it you can apply the mixture on the scalp. Repeat the application after 4 hours. This remedy can also be used internally. Another great infusion is made from buds (you need 200 buds) . Boil them in water until half of the water vaporizes. Drink it in one day making pause of 4 hours between them. This infusion can be used to treat various conditions such as rheumatism, cardiac hydropsis etc or simply to reduce weight. Birch bark can be cut and boiled. After straining it you can drink it and treat ulcer or problems with digestion. Birch sap stems are collected in early spring.They have huge nutritive value. They can be consumed to gain more energy. You can also prepare birch sap wine.

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