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Honey andCinnamon

Cinnamonbark has been used for cooking and medication for a long time period. It has avariety of uses, including use as a spice, a treatment for digestive issues, acold curing device, for toothache and bad breath treatment, as a remedy forresistance to insulin and type 2 diabetes mellitus and as an anti-microbial andanti fungal cure, due to it being filled with antioxidants. Honey is alsohistorically a crucial medication, with its positive effect includingantiseptic traits as well as an ability to treat the cough and common cold. Itcan also cure a string of other ailments, making it scientifically classifiedas very effective. Though it is sweet, it is allowed for diabetics inappropriate doses, but not for babies under the age of one.

Mixing theelements

Mixingthese ingredients has been utilized within Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine for aslong as the individual components. The combination features a multitude ofbeneficial effects, such as the ability to stop fungi and bacteria from growingwith its mixture of essential oil (found in cinnamon) and hydrogen peroxide producing enzymes (found inhoney). Others include strengthening the digestive and immune system as well asthe heart, skin, bones and hair. As they both possess antimicrobial traits,they are traditionally utilized to preserve food. They also provide sturdiness to the arteries and veins and bolster the heartbeat. The iron and vitamin content in the honey and cinnamoncombination can lend strength to the white blood corpuscles (WBC), making it aviable treatment for influenza, fatigue and cold, as well as rejuvenating theimmune system.

Asmentioned, the digestive system can be aided by honey and cinnamon, also byremoving stomach gas and treating indigestion, bladder infection, flatulenceand stomachache. For this purpose, a powdered form of the mix should beutilized. Foul breath and tooth pain can both be removed by creating a pastefeaturing five teaspoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and thenapplying this to the teeth 3 times daily. To reduce hair loss and induce the growthof hair, a paste consisting of a tablespoon of honey, teaspoon of cinnamonpowder and hot olive oil should be applied to the hair prior to showering, andleft for 15 minutes before washing out. Honey and cinnamon paste, consisting oftwo parts lukewarm water, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one part honey, cantreat insect bites simply by being applied to the affected body part. Simplymixing warmed up water with cinnamon and honey and ingesting it daily, half anhour prior to breakfast and sleep, can greatly aid in reducing weight. Regularexercise should also be practiced to manage any visible results. Arthritisrelief is also possible with a combination of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder andtwo parts lukewarm water. The newly created paste should be applied to thetroubled spot, providing results within a maximum of two minutes. Consuminghoney and cinnamon separately can also help. A widely popular use of a cinnamonhoney mixture is a possible treatment for impotence and lack of conception. The impotence remedy requires taking two tablespoons of honey beforesleeping.

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