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Benefits of banana can not be compared to any other fruit. Banana has yellow skin and sweet taste so many people like to eat it. Because of banana’s sweet taste you can easy use it in diets. Also, it is easy to take banana anywhere with, if you don’t have much or in a hurry.

Doctors can’t agree whether banana a day gives more benefits or apple a day. Banana has more vitamins and nutrients then apple. Banana has more carbohydrates, Vitamin A, potassium, iron, phosphorus and natural sugars.

Banana is rich in vitamins and minerals so it provides natural energy. If you eat two bananas you will have energy to workout for an hour and half. Also, if you are tired or exhausted banana will give you energy. This energy from banana lasts longer than energy from caffeine or sugar snack.

Banana is rich with potassium and potassium deliver oxygen to the brain. Bananas have positive effect to circulatory system. Potassium also improves your brainpower. Study showed that students who ate one banana three times a day were better on their classes.

Banana contains fiber that is important for digestion. Benefits from banana are that it can stop constipation. It is much better and healthier then laxatives which can cause diarrhea.

Banana has substance called tryptophan same as turkey has. This substance helps you to relax and makes you happier. People who have depression should eat bananas and it could make them feel happy.

This incredible fruit could help women with their menstrual pains. Banana contains Vitamin B6 who helps you to improve your mood.

Banana is great to recover from hangover or night party. Put in blender couple bananas and some honey and yogurt and this mixture will help your stomach to calm. In addition, it can help you to quit smoking because contain B vitamins and minerals.

Pregnant women should eat banana because it calms down, it is good against morning sickness and regulate blood sugar levels, and help pregnant women to regulate body temperature.

Banana helps to prevent abnormal acid condition. It treats and prevents ulcers, reduce irritation of digestion. Also stops heartburn.

Banana has iron and it is good for people who have low level of iron in blood.

Banana peels are good to fertilize soil. This is benefit of banana for your garden. It is good for rose bushes and to treat warts.Because of benefits of banana, it is very popular fruit and favorite to many people.

You must not use only bananas in your diets, because it is not healthy.

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