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Why high blood pressure is a health concern

Heart and Blood Pressure

Naturally, there is a logical connection with our heart and our blood pressure. In fact, blood pressure is nothing but the force with which our blood passes through our blood vessels. This force depends on the strength of our heart pumping the blood initially and many other factors in our organism. If our arteries get constricted or thickened for any reason, less blood will pass through them and, therefore, the pressure will increase, damaging the inside of our blood vessels further, due to the pressure itself. As a domino effect, our heart will have to try harder in order to deliver enough blood for our entire body, since without sufficient blood and oxygen, our body organs are likely to deteriorate. Since our heart is a muscle, additional effort makes it bigger. This heart enlargement, therefore is a clear sign of blood pressure problems or some other cardiovascular complications. Therefore, everything is connected in our organism and increased blood pressure can trigger many unwanted side-effects, jeopardizing our health.

Effects of High Blood Pressure on Our Body

First of all, our arteries get damaged by high blood pressure. This makes the inside of arteries thick and constricted, making fat and other things which pass through stick to it and increase the constriction. Since high blood pressure continually damages these arteries, they eventually develop an aneurism, which causes internal bleeding and numerous other problems, some more serious than the others.

As it was mentioned above, high blood pressure affects the heart negatively as well. Therefore, its muscles get weaker and weaker, decreasing the performance of this vital organ. A heart attack or a cardiac arrest may take place due to a history of high blood pressure, possibly resulting in death. Arrhythmia may affect one's heart as well.

Since blood is necessary for oxygen and nutrient delivery, its decrease, caused by high blood pressure, results in health problems with many different organs, including our brain. Namely, once our brain cells have no vital nutrients and oxygen, they die, causing a stroke. Similarly, we can develop dementia due to high blood pressure too.

This blood depravity can cause our kidneys to get damaged and, eventually, lose their functionality completely, since they need fresh supplies of blood in order for them to function properly. Lack of blood delivered through the tiny arteries located in the kidneys can lead to malfunctioning of the kidneys and an eventual necessity of kidney transplantation.

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