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Iron has function in the human body to carry oxygen to the blood cells. This oxygen is essential for blood cell so they could live. Iron in human body is located in hemoglobin about two-thirds. More health benefits which iron gives are cough, iron deficiency anemia, anemia in pregnancy, anemia of chronic disease, predialysis anemia.

Iron ensures proper growth of human body and maintains human health condition. Body can not produce blood cells without iron. This protein component is very important for metabolism. If body does not have enough iron it can cause severe diseases, fatigue and hard conditions, body weakness. Persons who have iron deficiency are not able to perform their functions normally. Females and children have to take more iron then the males. People with lack of iron mostly get anemia. Also, iron deficiency can be severe and cause skin diseases, brittleness of nails and very smooth tongue.

Vegetables such as soy beans, legumes, cereals, green leafy vegetables, lentils, spinach, broccoli, whole grains and turnip are rich with iron. This is non-heme iron. Iron is also found in non-vegetarian foods such as meat and it is called heme iron. People with anemia are advised to take Iron tablets and supplements. Foods rich with Vitamin C can improve absorption of iron. You can eat meat with tomato and that will help with absorption non-heme iron. Also, citruses and oranges can be helpful to absorption of iron.

Health benefits of iron are: brain function, hemoglobin formation, regulation of body temperature, restless leg syndrome, neurotransmitters synthesis, muscle function, oxygen carrier, fatigue, immune system, energy metabolism, enzyme systems, predialysis anemia, anemia in women, concentration, insomnia, chronic diseases and many more.

Iron is important to brain function. Iron supplies blood cells with oxygen. Brain uses about 20% of blood oxygen.Iron is part of hemoglobin, gives blood red shade and its head function is formation of hemoglobin.Iron is necessary for muscles because supplies oxygen needed for muscle contraction.The most important benefit of iron is its function to carry oxygen from one body cell to other.

Neurotransmitters are very important for human brain and neurons. Iron helps with synthesis of very important neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Iron deficiency causes fatigue and can occur in men as well as women. In your diet you need to use foods rich with iron to stay healthy and fit.Iron plays role in strengthening immune system and it can fight against infections and ailments.Concentration is very important to students and professional persons. Iron builds concentration so people could work and learn effective.Iron improves sleeping and it is useful in chronic insomnia treatment.Iron can help in treatment anemia in women during pregnancy and menstruation.

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