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Theknowledge about benefits of losing weight may become a big support in tryingand succeeding in shaping up your body. There are health conditions that aredirectly connected to weight gain and obesity and when you know what kind ofproblems obesity can cause you will more likely try to slim down.

Weight lossand heart conditions

The mostcommon conditions with fatal outcome for both genders in the States are heartproblems and stroke. Fleshy and corpulent individuals are at greater risk of having problems with increased blood pressure and that causes heart problems.They also tend to have cholesterol and triglycerides due to obesity which is equallydangerous for the heart. There is a risk of getting angina pectoris acondition where less oxygen reaches the heart. Finally, there is a chancethat heart problem exists but it produces no symptoms and it can result indeath without any warning. If you lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight, you willbe much more protected from problems that are mentioned above.

Weight lossand diabetes

If you haveproblem with obesity, the chances for developing type two diabetes are doubled in comparison to those who don’t have that problem. That is the reason to lose weightand start with trainings. Losing weight is even helpful for those who havediabetes since it can help them to decrease the dosage of medicines they are taking.

Weight lossand cancer

Some typesof cancer are connected to obesity. We don’t have the knowledge whether thedevelopment of cancer is connected to obesity or to unhealthy eating habits.However, there are data about the connection between cancer of the colon andcorpulence. The women who have problems with obesity have higher chances todevelop cancer of the womb, gallbladder, neck, ovary and breast. Men with thisproblem have higher chances to develop cancer of the rectum and prostate gland.

Weight lossand other conditions

There is ahealth issue called sleep apnea that is connected to obesity. Sleep apnearesults in snoring and pauses while breathing which affects the awakening duringthe day, and it can lead to coronary failure. Problem with joints calledosteoarthritis can become worse when gaining weight. There is one morecondition that involves joints and is associated withobesity and it is called gout. If you have this condition, not every diet is adequate and that is why you should consult your medical adviser about losing weight. Gallbladderproblems are also more frequent if a person has extra weight, though thatconnection is not quite understood. For every one of these conditions losing weight isvery helpful. It can help you to avoid the health issues that are listed, and ifyou already suffer from some of these diseases it will help you to reducesymptoms and feel much better.

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