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For a long time, beans were considered to be nothing more than a source of carbohydrates which bring nothing but added to a person as fat.

The latest research shows that this is completely untrue. Beans are very rich in nutrients. Beans have a lot of carbohydrates, and this is the reason why people avoid them. They see beans only as a risk of gaining weight.

Research has shown that most beans contain complex carbohydrates. They do not contribute to weight gain, but they do provide food for muscles and the brain.

Beans are a rich source of many nutrients: alpha-linolenic acid, folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamin B6. Complete proteins are seldom found in plants, but can also be found in beans. Proteins are necessary for the healthy functioning of human body, but, unfortunately, most of the protein sources have a bad effect on the heart. Beans are a rich source of complete proteins and they do not have any negative effect on the heart.

Beans show very good results in the prevention of many of the most lethal and most feared diseases in the America. Consuming beans regularly can reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Beans calm the hunger, and give energy to the body. This energy can easily be burned, so this is how beans help with weight loss.

There has been a lot of talk about antioxidants, lately. This is mainly because they help to protect the body against free-radicals. Free-radicals are the cause of early aging and numerous health problems. Beans are a rich source of antioxidants as well.

According to the studies of Michigan State University, the healthiest kinds of beans are "dry" beans.

Even though most of types of beans have the same nutrients and in similar amounts, the best and healthiest beans are considered to be pinto beans, navy beans, lima beans and kidney beans. In order to achieve the best health results they should be introduced into the diet in the amount of about three cups per week. Even a much smaller, but regular, amount of beans in the diet can show incredibly positive results.

It is unfortunate that beans were being ignored and overlooked for such a long time. They used to be connected only with gas and carbohydrates.

The newest studies did a good job revealing all of the benefits of beans, many of which can help people fight many diseases. Beans can be easily introduced into the diet, and there are many varieties to choose from as well.

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