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Everyone should be aware of all the negative sides of obesity. Each and every person should maintain the proper weight with suitable dietary regimes and regular physical activity. Even those people who are a little bit overweight should think of potential consequences of fat surplus in their bodies. Not to mention morbidly obese people who are so susceptible to a variety of health conditions. They are the target group which has to make huge effort to get rid of the extra weight either to prevent possible health conditions or to improve the already existing ones. This is why the common sense is crucial for the battle against obesity- a vicious destroyer of human health.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

The most important thing one should know is that reduction in weight has to be gradual and even though the amount of food is drastically reduced the diet has to be rich in all the necessary nutrients including the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Prevention of Vascular DiseasesAll the obese people tend to eventually suffer from increased blood pressure. This is a huge risk factor for medical conditions such as heart attack or stroke. The process of atherosclerosis is one more risk factor that is present in obese people. Reduction of intake of saturated fats is great as it prevents further build up of plaques in the blood vessels hence stops the process of atherosclerosis.

It is estimated that reduction of approximately 5-10% of total weight can significantly reduce the risk of heart conditions and stroke. Prevention of Type 2 DiabetesObese people develop type 2 diabetes more than general population. Gradual loss of weight accompanied by moderate physical activity can considerably reduce the risk of this condition. Even if the disease has already occurred one may benefit from weight loss as this will help him/ her to regulate sugar levels more successfully. Prevention of Malignant DiseasesChronic intake of fatty food which is common for obese people can be huge risk factor for certain cancers. Obese women are prone to breast cancer, cancer of reproductive organs as well as colon cancer. As for obese men they carry significant risk of prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Reduction of fat intake can be both effective, in weight loss, and in proper prevention from these malignancies. Sleep ApneaSleep apnea which is a common condition for obese people is successfully eliminated after the excessive weight is lost. Osteoarthritis and GoutIn obese people joints are exposed to huge pressure and osteoarthritis can develop rather soon. This is why weight reduction can prevent permanent damage of the exposed joint. Additionally, if obese people cut on the intake of excessive amount of proteins they can effectively reduce the symptoms of gout, if this disease is present in the first place. Gallbladder ProblemsGallbladder stones and other medical condition that can affect this organ can be prevented if one loses weight. Still one should be very careful as rapid loss of weight can actually result in formation of gallbladder stones. So take it easy, lose weight optimally and listen to your doctor's and nutritionist's advice.

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