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This substance, which is a natural anti-microbial, can be located in the several fruit's skin. It is used in the production of several supplements due to its beneficial effect on the human body. This pytoalexin, which is manufactured by some plants is to be used for defense from the pathogens like fungi and bacteria. Red grapes, peanuts, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and cranberries are some of the fruits whose skin has the resveratrol. Some of the items that contain resveratrol are red vine and Japanese knotweed. The effect of this substance is becoming more popular so the number of supplements that contain resveratrol is increasing. The problems like heart diseases, obesity and diabetes can be treated with this substance.


This antioxidant abilities of this substance can protect the body from the cellular damage brought on by the attack of the free radicals. Also, the anti-aging effect of this substance is widely known. Some problems, like cardiovascular and heart diseases, can be treated with the use of resveratrol, due to its antioxidant properties. It can also boost the health of the heart, prevent heart attacks/strokes, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Arthritis and other autoimmune conditions can benefit from this substance. Arthritis causes inflammation of the joints, which can be treated with resveratrol, since it has anti-inflammatory properties. Resistance of the insulin and obesity are several other problems that can be treated with the resveratrol. Those with weight problem can use this substance, since it increases metabolism rate and burns fat. The chances of retinopathy, kidney disease and blood clotting can be decreased, but it can also benefit the immune system and nervous system. Problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's diseases, and other age related problems, may be prevented, along with some types of cancer.

Supplements Side Effects

There are some benign side effects like abdominal cramping, diarrhea, joint pain (commonly in feet, hands, back, Achilles tendonitis and hips), the decrease of appetite, insomnia and anxiety. Some cases have also exhibited leg and hand tingling sensation, jittery feeling and in some cases it has caused estrogenic activity. Pregnant women need to see with the professional if they can use this supplement. Also, the bleeding may be increased if persons who use blood thinners also use resveratrol. The most common supplements used are biotivia resveratrol, resveratrol select, extra resveratrol, resveratrol ultra and others. Most of the products available meet the standards, but do some research before deciding which one to use. You can also contact your health care provider to help you with this choice. Prior to using any supplement, a person needs to see a doctor who will approve the use of the supplement, which can only be done when all factors, like other medications used, diseases present or use of any other supplement, are presented to the doctor.

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