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How come many experts claim that stress and obesity are connected? How come some people say that they are too stressed to lose weight? Can this problem be solved somehow?

Stress problem

Stress is something that follows each and every person. This means that we are all capable of becoming stressed out by something or someone that can change our life. Life as it is, induces a lot of stress that can cause many problems, even some medical issues. There are medical experts who claim there is a connection between stress and occurrence of malign cells. Generally, stress makes us nervous, decreasing the ability to focus and concentrate on certain things. And of course, being nervous can create complications in all situations including your job and personal relationships. Accumulation of stress is another thing that can frustrate us and create nervousness and physical problems. Stress needs to be eliminated to enjoy a healthy life.

Weight problem

Obesity is a condition where body weight exceeds the normal range. This can cause several medical problems, especially if obesity is present for a long time. The problems we are talking about are diabetes and heart related conditions, although sometimes even depression occurs. These problems can be even more emphasized because of the stress, especially depression. This is why obesity should be dealt with as fast as possible.

Weight – stress relation and solution

Weight is another thing that people get stressed about, and some people deal with stress with the help of food. Eating delicious food that is rich with calories induces feeling of happiness and joy, even if it is for a short while. What would be the solution? Exercising presents a good answer to both problems. People who are physically active claim that stress levels are significantly lower. Increased physical activity also eliminates extra fat tissue that can be harmful in later years. Two things that need to be done are, start an excersise program and stick to it as long as necessary. Some say that when a person is physically exhausted, there simply is no space left for stress. Stress builds up negative energy, which is easily depleted with physical activity. Combining dieting and exercising will reduce weight quickly and to some level, it will reduce the stress levels. Of course, there usually exists some life problem that causes major percentage of stress. Weight and stress reduction can help a lot, but solving the mentioned problem is the thing that needs to be eventually be done.

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