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These days obesity represents one of the major health issues. The disease affects are all the generations and today even the number of obesed children is extremely high. Being obese is not only the esthetic problem. These are numerous risks that additional mass carries.

The overweight people have higher risk of developing heart conditions. The levels of fat in their blood stream are increased. This leads to earlier development of atherosclerosis and the most common outcome is an early heart attack or even stroke. The incidence of high blood pressure is increased in this population. This additionally puts pressure onto the heart.

Metabolic complications include type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance due to exhaustion of the pancreatic enzymes. The body is under constant need for digestive enzymes as the food is taken in large quantities.

The damage in the liver reflects in fatty liver, the disease caused by accumulation of the fat within this organ. These people are also at higher risk of developing gallbladder disease.

Hormonal imbalance is present as well. Women who are overweight have difficulties in conceiving and are at higher risk of complications during pregnancy. Infertility is quite common for overweight people.

The bones and joints of obese people are under lot of pressure. That is why they tend to develop arthritis more often than general population. They are more prone to injuries as well.

The excessive skin and deep skin folds are the reason for frequent skin irritations, eczemas and intertrigo.

The obese people are more susceptible to cancers. The cancers which are mainly connected with eating habits such as colon, rectum and breast cancers are more likely to happen in this population. Overweight people tend to develop even prostate and gynecological cancers (uterus, cervical and ovarian cancer).

The population is not satisfied with the looks. This leads to even more overeating problems and they finally end up in the house which they leave only if necessary. This may lead to social isolation, feeling of embarrassment, depression and the vicious circle. Sleep apnea is also rather common condition in obese people.

In the conclusion all the people suffering from obesity have to reconsider this current state. Not only they have to face numerous problems and conditions but the length of their lifespan is significantly reduced. Proper dietary regimes and consultations with several specialists such as doctors, nutritionists and even psychiatrists can be of major help. The most important is awareness of the condition and person's determination to change his/ her lifestyle.

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