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Nowadays, there are a lot more cases of child obesity than there were just a couple of years ago. This problem can even get worse if it goes unchecked for a few more years. As the technology advances and gets better, there are more and more problems for the children. New age technology can affect the children both directly and indirectly. Nowadays, a majority of children stays indoors and plays on the computer all day long. There are very few kids that still go out-door to play.

Harmful effects of obesity


Recent studies have confirmed that almost 30% of girls that are old between 9 and 26 are suffering from asthma because they have too much pounds. The experts are still not 100% sure why is that so but it is believed that the main reason is probably the fat gain during puberty. When boys are considered, there seems to be no connection between asthma and obesity.


In the recent years more and more young children started suffering from type 2 diabetes. Most kids suffer from it because of the genetic factors. However, too much fat does affect the insulin. Gallstone

Gallstones usually occur with adults who are obese. Even though this condition is not that common among the adolescents, almost 50% of all cases of gallstones in children occur because of the excessive weight.

Cardiovascular disease

Lots of children nowadays suffer from high levels of blood cholesterol and the main reasons for that are bad eating habits and overweight. Kids are now more likely to die prematurely because of a heart disease that occurs and it is called atherosclerosis. Even more pressure is put onto the heart because of the high blood pressure. Obesity is also a known cause of high blood pressure. Early maturation

Girls who are obese get into puberty a lot earlier than they should. Because of that menstrual irregularities may occur. Early puberty is also connected with fat distribution in the upper body and this case is called higher vascular risk factor.

Sleeping problem

Studies have shown that 7% of all children who are obese suffer from sleep apnea. This condition may prove to be life threatening. Sleep apnea is known to influence the child's performance in school.

Orthopedic problem

Obese children are bound to suffer from various bones, joints, hip and muscle problems because of the excessive weight.

Obese children are also bound to have certain psychological problems as well.

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