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Lemon Grass - Info

Lemon grassoriginated in India and Nepal and it is an integral part of many Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysianmeals. This plant is also called citronella, tanglad or Cymbopogon ciatrus (inLatin), while in the Caribbean they call it the fever grass.

The flavor of the herb is lemony and slightly similar toginger. For that property it is often used in Asian cuisine,especially in Southeast Asian meals. Outside leaves of the herb are tough andto be used in the dishes, they must be finely chopped or thrown from the dish beforeserving.

Is Lemon Grass Useful?

Beside the culinary use, lemon grass can be and it is usedas the remedy for many medical problems. Substances found in this herb areproven to posses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which makes lemongrass highly appreciated in many types of infections.

It can be used to improve the condition of the skin. On theskin, lemon grass is known to help clearing acne or pimples. The same plantis very useful against cellulite and for the toning of the muscles in the body.Women can use citronella to ease their menstrual problems.

Patients with hypertension or those suffering from circulation troubles may also find this herb beneficial. For high blood pressureherbalists suggest taking a conoctation of this herb. Use lemon grass leaves andboil it in some water. Cool it down slightly and drink it. Citronella tea isalso known to have diuretic properties.

Lemon grass can tone all tissue in human organism anddecrease the amount of cholesterol, fats and uric acid. For people sufferingfrom digestion troubles or gastroenteritis it might be useful to know thatlemon grass may help them alleviate these problems. Colics and flatulence canalso be forgotten, if the person decides to try this herbal remedy.

This herb has sedative effect to the central nervous system,calming the person who takes it.

Lemon grass is used to detoxify the liver and positivelyaffect the function of the digestive tract, pancreas, bladder and kidneys.

Oil extracted from this plant is found to be potentialremedy for people suffering from keratomycosis (cornea inflammation that maycause burning and other vision problems).

Some people believe that lemon grass may prevent colon cancerand be extremely helpful remedy for anyone suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. Scientific research has proven that 100g of boiled lemongrass contains about 24mcg of beta carotene, making this herb potentially usefulfor the treatment of cancers.

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