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People usually enjoy vanilla pastries or vanilla ice creamswithout being aware of its many health benefits. Vanilla is commonly used inperfumes, baking and therapeutic aroma massages because of its potent flavoringagents. The name vanilla is derived from a Spanish word which means littlesheath and such name has been given to it because the vanilla pod has a longthin shape. Vanilla is actually a fruit of planifolia which commonly grows wildand it is a thick vine. The vanilla seed pods require extensive labor and thatmakes it the second most expensive spice in the world. In the past centuries,only the royalty claimed the right to consume vanilla and it has been used toflavor chocolates since the time of Aztecs.

Nutritional and Health Benefits

Besides providing a wonderful flavor to numerous recipes,vanilla also has very potent antioxidant properties which make it veryefficient in preventing and healing different health conditions. Free radicalsare known for burning the living cells in the human body which may lead tonumerous complications of the immune system and various diseases. Theantioxidants which can be found in vanilla prevent these free radicals fromcausing the damage and defend the human body from various infections andcancers.

Vanilla oil hasvery strong aphrodisiac properties and it is very beneficial for the treatmentof frigidity, impotence, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and numerousother sexual ailments. Vanilla oil is also very efficient in stimulating thesecretion of estrogen and testosterone and promoting sexual arousal, whichmakes it a great booster for those who suffer from a dormant sex life. Certainstudies have shown that the antioxidant substances commonly found in thevanilla actually contribute to its strong anti-carcinogenic properties. Thesesubstances fight the free radicals and help in curing cancer.

Vanilla isrich in eugeonol and vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde which have strong sedativeand anti-inflammatory properties and that makes vanilla very efficient infighting numerous infections. Vanilla also has powerful tranquilizing effectswhich make it very potent in soothing hyperactivity and treating nervousproblems, circulatory disorders, respiratory problems, digestive disorders,convulsions, stress, allergies, fever, anxiety and hypersensitivity. Vanilla isalso very efficient in relieving depression, soothing the nerves and lifting upone’s mood. It can also bring sleep to those who suffer from insomnia becauseit is efficient in lowering the blood pressure and relaxing the central nervoussystem.

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