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Hyssop is a bushy evergreen plant which is mostly grown as anornamental shrub. It has square, branched stems that are woody at the bottom andlinear leaves characterized by a peppery scent. Its flowers are rose topurple-bluish and are located at the tops of the branches.

Although it does nottolerate heat very well and requires some light shade, it still prefersexposure to sun light and warmth. It is native to Europe but is now frequentlycultivated and can be grown in warm countries characterized by dry soils. It iseven mentioned in the bible and has been used to cleanse the body for a longtime now.

One of numerous hyssop’s health benefits is that it is verypotent in healing various lung problems like colds, asthma and coughs. It canalso be of great help when one needs to loosen the phlegm in the lungs. Whenused to treat lung problems it is commonly in a form of a compress applieddirectly to the chest. It can also be applied as a compress directly to thethroat in order to provide a soothing sensation and heal the soreness of thethroat. It can also be made as a tea which the patent gargles in order to treata sore throat.

It is especially efficient in treating infants and children.Hyssop tea is also very efficient in treating fevers because it stimulatesperspiration and by doing so it purges the body of all toxic substances and relievesthe fever.

Hyssop is very efficient in increasing circulation andlowering the blood pressure as well as providing the entire body with awonderful, soothing sensation. Hyssop leaves can also be applied directly tothe skin in order to reduce the pain and swelling commonly caused by insectbites, bruises and numerous types of skin inflammations.

One should take freshleaves only, crush them and then apply them to the wounded area of the skin. Ifthe bruise is too large, one can make a poultice from hyssop leaves. The leavesshould be soaked in boiling water for about fifteen minutes and then placed ina cloth. The cloth should then be applied to the bruise in order to avoiddiscoloration which sometimes develops as a consequence of bruising. Thepoultice is also very efficient in easing the pain. Hyssop comes in very handyin treating all kinds of stomach problems.

Hyssop should not be used continuously for more than twoweeks.

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