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Lime is one of the most common fruits that can be used for various medicinal purposes. Lime is a sour citrus and its scientific name is citrus aurantifolia and it is used for the treatment of numerous ailments because of its potent health benefits. Lime can be consumed in pickles, jellies, sorbets, different types of beverages, candies, snacks and sugar boiled confectionaries. The oil that gets extracted from its peel is used in the production of cosmetics, tooth pastes, soaps, hair oils, body oils, disinfectants, soft drink concentrates, deodorants, mouth washes and numerous other products. Lime is commonly grown all around the world and has many different varieties.

Health benefits

Lime is one of the best benefits for scurvy. Scurvy is characterized by infections, cracked lips, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and certain other symptoms and is caused by deficiency of vitamin C. Lime is abundant in vitamin C and that makes it a perfect remedy for ailments such as scurvy. Lime juice and oil are very beneficial for the skin health because they rejuvenate it keep it shiny, reduce body odors and protect it from numerous infections. Flavonoids which can be found in lime have very potent antioxidant, antibiotic and disinfectant properties. Lime oil can be applied topically on the skin to cure dandruff and rashes and scrub the dead cells.

Both oil and juice can be used orally and externally. Lime is also efficient in aiding primary digesting and watering the mouth. Lime increases the production of digestive juices stimulates the peristaltic motion and the entire digestive tract. Lime is also beneficial in improving the functioning and the cleaning of the excretory system which prevents and eases constipation. Limonin that can be found in lime prevents and heals various oral and peptic ulcers.

Lime can also be used to relieve congestions of the upper respiratory system because it is abundant in kaempferol. Lime’s strong antioxidant properties are very efficient in protecting the eyes from the aging process and macular degeneration. Lime is also very helpful in the treatment of gout caused by accumulation of free radicals and different toxic substances. Lime is efficient in inhibiting microbial growth and preventing the gums from developing certain ailments. It can also eradicate piles and all its root causes.

Lime can also be helpful for those who want to loses weight as it burns fat remarkably well. Lime is beneficial in preventing and healing numerous urinary disorders, it improves the appetite and it can be very helpful in the treatment of illnesses such as cholera, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and rheumatism.


All citrus fruits contain seeds that are poisonous and when they get ingested in larger quantities they can even be fatal.

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