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Karela is an excellent home remedy for diabetes mellitus because it is abundant in Gurmarin. Gurmarin is very efficient in regulating the suppression of the neural response to sweet taste. Karela is a bitter melon and is very rich iron, beta carotene, calcium, potassium, vitamins B and C, phosphorus and dietary fibers. It contains insulin and is very good for the liver. It is known for its antitumor properties and it also inhibits various infections. It is jam packed with various beneficial active constituents.

There are so many different health benefits of bitter melon. First of all, it is very good for the treatment of diabetes and is very efficient in decreases the levels of sugar in urine and blood. Karela is also very helpful in regulating the effect of sugar on the human body by suppression of the neural response to the stimulation of the sweet taste.

It also has very potent lipogenic and antilipolytic properties and it is very efficient in purifying the blood. Bitter melon is excellent for the treatment of worm infestations and it stimulates the liver and the pancreas very efficiently. It is beneficial for the digestive tract and its purgative, emetic and anthelmetic properties come in very handy in treating jaundice and piles. It is also known for maintaining a healthy endocrine structure of the body. It should be taken two times a day, after meals.

Karela deals with diabetes mellitus, piles, leprosy, various respiratory disorders, cholera, different types of infections, impure blood, numerous skin diseases and alcoholism. It also has very powerful purgative and anthelmetic properties.

Karela comes from the family of cucurbitaceae and its botanical name is momordica charantia. It is commonly grown as a climbing vine in India and it is the fruits that are used for all the health benefits. The bitter melon is considered to be tonic, stomachic, laxative, stimulant, emetic, alternative and antibilous and it is these properties that make it so good in treating diabetes. This fruit is very efficient in treating rheumatism, gout and various lives and spleen diseases and conditions. It is also very beneficial in purifying the blood and dissipating melancholia.

Karela is also unbelievably beneficial in cooling the body and suppressing skin related troubles as well as healing the wounds much faster. It normalizes the digestive tract and improves the peristaltic motions in the human body. It is efficient in regulating the urinary tract and regulating carbohydrate metabolism.

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