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Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India for many years now, mainly because of its taste modulating properties and taste sensation suppression. It is widely known as “the destroyer of sugar”.

It is also efficient in lowering the levels of liquids in the blood relieving the symptoms of allergic reactions and fighting various viral infections. It can also come in very handy for the people who suffers from diabetes mellitus because it is efficient in lowering the sugar that is to be absorbed in the stomach, raising the levels of insulin and block the absorption of dietary fats.

If used for shorter periods of time, gymnema sylvestre usually does not pose any severe side effects. On the other hand it is used for longer periods of time, it should not cause any changes in the blood chemical and hematological parameters, but still it may contribute to the increase of systolic blood pressure. Since it also lowers the levels of sugar in the blood, those who suffer from diabetes should definitely consult the doctor before using gymnema sylvestre.

Gymnema symvestre is very efficient in helping one to lose excess weight and promoting very healthy levels of lipids in the blood. It also has very potent antibacterial properties which come in very handy in fighting various conditions caused by the activity of microbes and bacteria. Gymnema sylvestre is beneficial in influencing a wide range of lipid metabolism and maintaining a healthy balance of triglycerides and serum cholesterol in the blood. It is also very good in excreting acid steroids and neutral sterols out of the human body. Due to its abundance of saponins and certain sodium salts it is good for decreasing the desire for sweets.

Gymnema sylvestre leaf extracts are remarkably important for people who suffer from diabetes because they support the homeostasis of the blood glucose, increases the levels of serum insulin and regenerate the endocrine pancreas. When used in the power form, gymnema sylvestre regulates the levels of sugar in the blood by increasing the activity of enzymes which utilize the glucose by pathways that depends on insulin.

Because of these properties, it is very efficient in correcting the metabolic arrangement of muscles, liver and the kidney in people who suffer from diabetes. The leaves of gymnema sylvestre have a very potent antihyperglycemic effect which gets enhanced even further by gymnemic acid. These properties are in charge of the excretion of bile acid and fecal cholesterol.

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