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Cardamom is one of the mostwidely known spices but it also has numerous health benefits. Cardamom plantsare natives to India and their seedpods constitute the spice commonly known ascardamom. Cardamom, which is known as the "queen of spices," alsopossesses various health benefits.

Cardamom has been used by manydifferent cultures for its aphrodisiac properties as well as religious andculinary purposes. Green variety of cardamom is more popular than the brownone, and they both have different taste and fragrance. The brown variety mainlygets used in preparation of curries, while the green one brings flavoring intea, coffee, meat and various sweet dishes. It also efficiently stimulatessalivation and prevents bad breath, so in short it is a great masticationenhancer.

Most people use cardamom as aspice and are largely unaware of its numerous health benefits. It can be usedvery efficiently in treatment of various conditions such as lung congestion,digestive disorders, gum and teeth infections and several throat problems. Somecultures use it treat gall stones and kidney disorders, while others even useit for the treatment of scorpion and snake bites. Brown variety of cardamom canbe used to relieve certain stomach problems and complications of the digestivetract.

One of the main areas in whichcardamom has proved to be very beneficial is the digestive tract. Cardamomefficiently relieves indigestion, bloating and heartburn and it also improvesappetite, speeds up the metabolism and keeps the stomach free from all types ofinfections. This spice is also great for lowering the blood pressure, removingaccumulated calcium, area and toxins from the kidneys and it promotes urinationas well. Cardamom treats urinary and genital infections very successfully.

Oral health is extremelyimportant and cardamom is very beneficial in maintaining it. It prevents badbreath and fights gum and tooth infections. When a person suffers from a severecold, cardamom can come in very handy because it relieves headaches, helps inexpelling cough and brings heat to the human body, keeping the patient warm andcozy.

Cardamom is also very beneficialin treating impotence, loss of libido, sexual weaknesses, premature ejaculationand erectile dysfunctions. Cardamom has detoxifying, antiseptic andantimicrobial properties. It can also treat respiratory and muscular spasms.Although cardamom has so many healthy benefits its use must be moderate. Itwill not pose any side effects, but sometimes stomach pain and various allergicreactions may occur.

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