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Everyone remembers sweetanticipation of the beginning of vacation. It is a time that you have plannedout carefully for months, thinking about every detail. You know that it is theonly period when you are free from work responsibilities, stress, and fatigue.Along the way, you can also create some new memories orfriendships that will last forever, and you can return to work relaxedwith your batteries recharged.

Preparing for a vacation

In order to have anunforgettable vacation and to avoid unpleasant situations, there are few thingthat you have to bear in mind. First off all, you have to have enough sum ofmoney and notify your colleagues at work on time. Then you have to book hotelrooms, so that you would have your room waiting for you. You shouldn’t packheavily, it only takes a lot of space, and half of those things you won't weareven once. When prepared, leave all the things that are connecting you to workbehind you and enjoy.

How does a vacationreflect on our health?

Well, according to somestudies, a vacation reduces a risk of coronary heart disease. Survey that wasconducted at the State University of New York at Oswego comprehended12,000 men that were between 35 and 57 years old. They were all enrolledin a large heart disease prevention trial. After a period of one year, resultsshowed that men who went on a vacation reduced the risk of death by 20%, whilethe risk from death caused by a heart disease is reduced in 30%. It is also aperiod of time when you don’t have to think about anything and it relaxes yourbrain, so you regenerate your brain and provide good mental health.

Rest as a prescriptionfrom a doctor

If you want to keep yourgood condition, you should take a rest when you feel stressed and anxious.These are diseases of new era that appear due to responsible work. Ifyou have had a stressful week, you shouldn’t overcrowd it with a vacation withall sorts of activities because, instead of relaxed vacation, you will havebusy rest and return to work tired. The point of a holiday is to do as lesswork as possible and to enjoy in small things.

Even though idleness isan unwanted in this fast growing modern society, your body needs it. Doingnothing is important in order to clear your thoughts, expand views and removestress.

Take a book, relax andenjoy, or you may learn some new sports and try new, different food. Don’t be aslave to stereotypes and explore everything that life has to offer.

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