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Dried fruit has been known for centuries for itsgreat nutritional benefits and the fact it can be stored for long time, whichmakes dried fruit an excellent source of important nutrients during the winterseason, when most of the fresh fruit is simply not available (at least in thenorthern hemisphere). The most popular dried fruits are raisins (driedgrapes), apricots, plums, and of course, cranberries. Dried cranberries are also known as raisins’,represent an excellent source of important nutrients and are easy to incorporatein the everyday diet. They can be added to salads, cakes, cookies, pancakes,cereals, smoothies, and pretty much everywhere else. Along with mixed nuts, raisins and other driedfruits, they make an excellent and healthy snack, especially during winter whenthe body needs more energy, and during periods of recovery after illnesses.However, it should be noted that in most cases dried cranberries are sweetened,that is, sugar has been added during the drying process. This is importantinformation for people who control their sugar levels or who are simply tryingto avoid sugar because of weight issues. Cranberries are cultivated mainly in cooler partsof the northern hemisphere. In the United States, cranberries are among themajor crops. Dried cranberries are a highly sold food product in almost all the world markets. Every year there are more and more studies and research thatfocus on the health benefits of dried cranberries.Dried cranberries are rich in dietary fiber,carbohydrates and protein. The fat content in 40gr is about 1gr while 100grcontains 0.05-0.07gr of protein and 82-83gr of carbohydrates. One cup of driedcranberries has around 100-125 calories. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals,especially vitamins A, C, E, K, B group vitamins and minerals like phosphorus,magnesium, iron, calcium and copper. Health benefits of dried cranberries are verysimilar to other forms of this fruit, like fresh cranberries or cranberryjuice. The system that is known to benefit greatly from cranberries consumptionis urinary tract. They are often recommended as a form of additional treatmentfor urinary infections. Dried cranberries are effective against bacteriaand viruses and they help boost the immune system. This is why it is recommendedto consummate them during cold and flu seasons. They are also proven to be beneficial for thecardiovascular system. Dried cranberries have significant calciumcontent, which is why they are important for good and healthy teeth and forprevention of dental conditions like cavities. They are also recommended forchildren, who need calcium in order to develop normally their bones and teeth.

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