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Any physical exercise is undoubtedly conducive to good health. Well-balanced and versatile food, plenty of water and regular exercising are the factors that make a person healthy and fit. Running or jogging as one way to be physically active has plenty of beneficial effects on the body and its well-being. Many people nowadays start running because of the weight problems. Running is a good way to get rid of the excessive fat and improve the physical appearance. Others run because they want to stay fit and healthy. Whatever the reason, 20 to 30 minutes of running several times a day is recommendable for every person due to numerous health effects.

Health Benefits

Numerous research studies have revealed that running affects the brain cells and nerves. It stimulates the brain cells and prevents its impairment. The risk of getting some neurological disease is reduced to a certain extent, if a person regularly runs in the morning. During running, the brain cells and nerves are not tense which is important their normal functioning. Such characteristic of running is favorable for slowing down already acquired neurological disease (e.g. Alzheimer's disease). After running, brain cells and nerves are recovered, so mental abilities are improved. It has been shown by some studies that running is helpful for a good memory and concentration. Stressful situations do not seem that difficult to overcome if running is a part of everyday activities. People who run several times a week are not susceptible to depression or anxiety. They feel more relaxed and self-satisfied. While running, the hormone endorphine is released and this hormone improves the mood. It is no wonder that runners often feel happy and euphoric.

Another advantage of running is the fact that bones and muscles strengthen after some time. Bones are thus not likely to thin or break easily, the problem elderly women face. The sooner one starts running, the more chances of avoiding bone problem, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. Not only is running good for bones, but it is also good for joints. It has been proved scientifically that there is 50% less risk of getting osteoporosis or arthritis if a person regularly runs. Coordination of movements also improves in the running.

Running improves the heart condition and helps prevents developing some heart-related difficulties and conditions. Running regulates the blood pressure and makes the heart stronger. Diabetics or patients with high blood pressure are advised to introduce running habit into their lives due to its beneficial effects. Surprisingly and interestingly enough, running may also influence the quality of sex life. It is considered to reduce the problem with impotence with men and that makes for good orgasms.

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