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Many useful herbal substances can be inhaled, which is basically very efficient way of distribution. Inhaled substances or herbal mixtures have active ingredients that are applicable on certain temperatures (not too cold, not too hot). All harmful elements like tar, carbon monoxide etc. can be annulled with vaporization.

Medical herbs taken via vaporization through inhaling are more concentrated and more efficient for the body. Vaporization is not like smoking because vaporization does not transfer carcinogenic elements to body and smoking does.

Vapor does not harm lungs or throat. The temperature used during the process of vaporization are not too high and do not destroy herbal properties of the vapor. Ear passages in nose are better transfer of herbal vapor to lungs because essential substances are now in the form lighter then air and more easily processed in the body. There are many advantages of vaporizers.

All active elements of herbal preparation are not digested and are not under the influence of various acids or enzymes. Digestive tract is much slower procedure of processing and absorbing herbs in body. The herbs in the vaporization process intake herbal elements via lungs and become active much quicker then if it is digested. The active herbal substances are consumed in their purest form.

There are certain herbs always better taken via vaporizers. Most effective herbs are lavender, sage, chamomile, and eucalyptus.

Right Mixture

Right herbal mixture can solve problem, and here is the classification according to problem:

Herbal Mix For Cough : 2 parts thyme + 3 parts lavender + 2 parts eucalyptus.

Herbal Mix For Headache:2 parts peppermint + 6 parts lavender + 4 parts marjoram.

Herbal Mix For Energy:a part mint + a part eucalyptus +a part ephedra+ a part ground guarana

Herbal Mix For Relaxation:3 parts chamomile+1 part lavender+1 part wild lettuce +1 part valerian

Herbal Mix For Vitality:3 parts lemon grass + 8 parts peppermint+7 parts rosemary + 3 parts grapefruit + 5 parts orange.

Herbal Mix For Asthma:2 parts spearmint+ 6 parts lavender+ 2 parts hyssop.

Vaporization techniques are different lately, because the technology of vaporization evolves a lot. Many researchers work hard to amend herb intake and allocation of herbal substances. Every day medical researchers work on this method, improving techniques of vaporization of herbal medicines. Vaporizers have a fantastic future when it comes to users, because it is cheap and far more effective medicine distribution.

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