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What can we say about a fruit tea? It is splendid. The base of the fruit tea is a black tea in which the natural essence of fruit is added. The most famous are Indian and China black teas, but Indian black tea makes a better base for fruit tea. In tea industry, fruit teas are made of infusions of the flavors that are called tisanes. You can as easily make a fruit tea in your home. The notion is that every fruit tea is used for refreshment and it can be made out of any fruit. There are different types of fruit tea in the market, and it is drunk when cold. Some of the most popular fruit tea flavors are cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, orange and many others. There can also be found tea made of fruit combination. If you want to make a fruit tea, here is what you need to do. First, you need to boil some water, then make 2-4 cups of fruit juice and when the water is cooled, pour the fruit juice in the water, mix it, and put it in some cold place like fridge and cool it for a few hours. This amount of fruit tea should be enough for 4-6 servings. And if you want, you can add some fruit slices or ice in the tea.

Regarding benefits of fruit tea, we can say that, apart from being perfect refreshment in the hot summer days, it is also filled with vitamin C. If you prefer stronger taste, you can add some sugar. Children would really enjoy it, if you make frozen lollipops out of popsicle forms. A whole family can enjoy and relax with fruit tea. The vast number of fruit teas is safe for drinking, but you should pay attention if you drink fruit tea that is made from tropical fruits custard apple and pawpaw, because it can cause the development of a disease that is similar to Parkinson’s Disease. The symptoms are very similar to this deadly disease, and it can develop in much younger population. It is important to notice that this type of condition is resistant to standard treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. It is because tea that is made from these tropical fruits contains a poisonous toxin that attacks human nervous system. But, this is the only one in the variety of fruit teas. You will regret if you don’t try it. Be sure that, once you find your favorite fruit tea, you will fall in love with it.

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