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Pineapple comes from the group of the fruits called bromeliads, which have been used in culinary and medicine for centuries. They originate from the South America, but nowadays could be found worldwide. As already mentioned, this herb has a lot of beneficial qualities, but, interestingly, the pineapple is the only one of them which has the edible fruit. So, most commonly, people eat it in fresh form or make the juice out of it.

The fruit itself is large and it consists of many parts which were flowers before they become the little fruits in the compact form.

When collecting the pineapples, the best way to determine it if only they are ripe and is by their specific smell of ripeness. And when the upper part is cut off, it can be planted again.

So, besides really wide range of the pineapple’s qualities, the best effect it has on the problems of bones, sinuses and the digestive system. The fresh, squeezed juice is especially beneficial as the remedy for the condition of intestinal worms.

The most important and the most valuable ingredient of this fruit is the enzyme called bromelain which has the main function of decomposing the proteins and that is why the pineapple is known as very beneficial for the process of digesting foods. But, there is another very beneficial characteristic of this enzyme which could prevent, and helps in calming down the inflammatory processes and minimizes the swellings.

And finally, this substance is very helpful for reducing the pain in joints and relieves the pain in general.

When it comes to the pineapple juice, it is recommendable to consume it when it is squeezed naturally, because that way the utilization of the vitamins will be significantly bigger. This especially refers to the vitamin C, which exists only in the fresh form of juices.

The orange and the pineapple juice are known as the fruits with the highest amount of this particular vitamin. But, the pineapple juice has the additional beneficial quality because of bromelain. It minimizes the amount of mucus and that is why this juice is also recommended when suffering from a cold. It is commonly advised remedy especially if there is a case of the productive cough, or if the common cold provokes the secretion from the sinuses.

Due to the decomposing characteristic of bromelain, people have discovered that it also helps in the process of fighting against the blood clot.

Not to forget that the other very beneficial substance of this fruit is its mineral called manganese, which is responsible for the pineapple’s power of relieving the pain in bones and joints.

All in all, it is recommendable to drink at least one decilitre of the pineapple juice on a daily basis.

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