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Fruit should be a part ofeveryone’s daily diet in order to provide the body with health benefits of vitaminsand other nutrients commonly found in all types of fruit. Since certain typesof fruit cannot stay fresh for longer periods of time, they can be dried inorder to save their nutritional values.

The drying process usuallyconsists of just leaving the roof on the oven rack until it swells up and allthe water gets removed from it. After it has been dried, it can be stored in acool place and one should notice that it is always going to be significantlysweeter than the regular non-dried fruit. The drying process removes the waterfrom the fruit and concentrates its natural sugars without losing the preciousnutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and foliates. Dried fruits provide thebenefits of natural sugar as opposed to ordinary sugar found artificialsweeteners. One other less important beneficial factor is that it takes up lessspace than regular fruit.

Any fruit in its dried formcontains more calories than its regular counterpart, so it is not recommendedto eat it in excess amounts. Dried fruits contain dietary fibers which arebeneficial against various heart diseases, high blood pressure and corpulence.

Dried banana chips are anexcellent source of energy since they are rich in vitamins B6 and C and theyare an outstanding source of potassium. Apricots are very tasty when dried andthey also provide great reserves of energy, endurance and stamina. Driedcranberries are good for the cleansing of the entire body. They are loaded withantioxidants and they are very protective against stomach ulcers and gumdiseases.

Pineapple is a veryimportant addition to every daily diet because it is very healthy and its tasteis sweet, lush, tropical and exotic. Dried pineapple is very beneficial for thedigestive tract and helps in relieving inflammations. Papaya has a very uniqueand sweet flavor and it works wonders for the appetite. It helps in improvingthe functions of the digestive tract, relieves an upsets stomach and improvesthe regeneration of all cells in the human body.

Pear has a sweet and punchy tasteand is enormously rich in dietary fibers and vitamin C. Peaches are alsodelicious and are also packed with vitamin A which strengthens the bones, hairand teeth and improves various cellular functions. Vitamin C supports theimmune system and keeps the gums healthy while vitamin E prevents certain typesof cancer and cardio-vascular diseases.

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