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Information on Pineapple
Pineapple is a plant whose botanical name is ananas comosus and it comes from the family of Bromeliaceae. The enzyme bromelain got its name from the aforementioned family of plants. Pineapple is similar to the pinecone and the Spanish word for pineapple is pina. Pineapple is actually a composite of flowers whose individual fruits are fused together around their common, central core. All pineapples have a cylindrical shape, a scaly skin with a yellow, brown or green color and blue green spiny leaves. The flesh of the pineapple is yellow and its taste is tropical as it hits the fine balance between tart and sweet. As one gets closer to the base of the fruit, its taste becomes gradually sweeter and sweeter and its texture gradually becomes tenderer.
Health Benefits of Pineapple
Pineapple is an important source of the aforementioned enzyme called Bromelain. Numerous scientific studies and researches have shown that this enzyme can be highly beneficial in enhancing the functioning of the entire digestive tract and preventing and treating various different sorts of digestion related medical conditions. Bromelain is also very efficient in providing the human body with numerous other different types of health benefits. Bromelain may also come in very handy in preventing the growth of tumors, excessive coagulation of blood and excessive inflammatory conditions. Bromelain extracts are commonly obtained from the stems or the fruit core of the pineapple. To draw the line, it is a well known fact that incorporating substantial amounts of pineapple into the daily diet can be of great help when it comes to improving the functioning of the entire digestive tract.
Pineapple is also an important source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant and it is very efficient in slowing down the process of aging, fighting off the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they cause within the human body on the cellular level. This makes pineapple also highly beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis, colon cancer, asthma, diabetic heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and certain other severe medical conditions. Pineapple may also come in very handy when it comes to boosting the functioning of the immune system. Pineapple is also jam packed with manganese which is one of the most important factors when it comes to boosting the production of energy inside the human body. It is also rich in vitamin B1 which enhances various enzymatic reactions which take place within the human body. Pineapple is also very efficient in preventing macular degeneration.

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