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Freshly squeezed orange juice is the one that has been takenfrom an orange and can be drunk immediately. One can go to the market and buy one ofnumerous “freshly squeezed” products but actually they have been there on theshelf for days.

To make things even worse, most of those products must be heattreated in order to be kept on the shelf for longer time periods. The processof pasteurization and the heat that’s generated by it destroys the nutrientsfound in the juice which are of vital importance. Freshly squeezed orange juicecan be made at home and in that way all the harmful industrial processes can beavoided. Sometimes the companies may state that their products have only beengently pasteurized, but that’s all nonsense, since every type of pasteurizationwill reduce the beneficial nutrients.

There are numerous reasons why drinkingfreshly squeezed orange juice is very beneficial for the overall health.

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice provides a recommendeddaily dose of vitamin C. It is also abundant in flavonoids which are veryefficient and reducing the blood pressure and increasing the levels of badcholesterol in the blood. Besides all the beneficial antioxidant properties,orange juice is very rich in fiber and folates.

Freshly squeezedorange juice prevents various types of cancers and heart diseases and booststhe immune system. Free radicals damage the cells in the human body, but thedamage gets significantly reduced by the ingestion of freshly squeezed orangejuice. Phyto-nutrients are beneficial in protecting the patients from numerousdegenerative diseases.

Getting some fresh juice is very simple, one should justgrab some oranges, cut them in halves and squeeze on the citrus juicer. Somecitrus juices must be operated by hand, using a lever, while others comeequipped by an electric motor. The electric juicers have a rotating cone thatsqueezes the fruit flesh and that is how it extracts the juice from theoranges. It also makes sure that the pips are not included in the juice. The manualjuicer is much easier to operate, and all the juice gets collected into thecontainer below the cone.

If one prefers that orange juice contains little bits in it,then he must get hold of a coarse pip strainer. Making a freshly squeezedorange juice at home provides one with a healthy and delicious drink which willimprove the overall health significantly.

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