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Information on Bromelain

Bromelain gets extracted from the fruit and stem ofpineapple plant. It is quite popular because it provides the numerous benefits forthe heart, stomach, joints and skin.

Pineapple is commonly used for numerousdifferent types of medicinal purposes. Stem and fruit of pineapple plants arevery efficient in healing wounds, reducing inflammation and curing numerousdifferent types of stomach problems.

Bromealin was isolated in 1891 and it is awell known fact that the pineapple plant contains several types of enzymeswhich can be put to good use and serve numerous medicinal purposes.

Bromelainis prepared from the pineapple stem juice and it is actually a mixture ofseveral different enzymes. Bromelain is known for stimulating various differentchemical activities in the human body such as digesting proteins.

Bromelain Health Benefits

Bromelain levels are high in the pineapple stem, but thetrouble is that the stem is not as tasty as the fruit. Bromelain is usuallytaken in a supplemental form, as there are numerous different types ofbromelain supplements available on the market. Bromelain is very efficient in maintaininga proper heart health and reducing the formation of plaque and blood clots inthe arteries.

It has very potent anti-coagulant properties which prevent thecoagulated blood from clotting in the blood vessels so it means that it is veryefficient in preventing numerous heart diseases. It is beneficial in digestingproteins in swollen tissue and relieving muscle spasms. Bromelain also has verypotent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which may be of great helpfor those who suffer from arthritis.

The same patient might value the fact thebromelain also enhances the repairing of joints by increasing the absorption ofglucosamine and sulphur. It also speeds up the recovery of torn ligaments bymeans of reduced pain and swelling. It is also beneficial for numerousdifferent types of skin diseases which involve inflammatory conditions.

Bromelain is efficient in getting rid of dead skin cells and accumulated mucusof the respiratory tract which prevent bronchitis and sinusitis. It is also veryhelpful in treating peyronie’s disease, abdominal pain, viruses, bacteria,abdominal pain, urinary tract infections and different types ofgastrointestinal problems.

Bromelain Side Effects

Minor side effects of bromelain which are usually associatedwith overconsumption and overdoses may or may not contain vomiting, increasedheart rate, diarrhea and nausea. People who are allergic to pineapple and thosewho suffer from high blood pressure, kidney diseases, bleeding problems andliver diseases should avoid taking bromelain supplements.

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