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Dried fruits

Dehydration of fruits is among the oldest procedures for conserving fruits. Some of the benefits of dried fruits over fresh ones are that the former weigh less and are therefore easier for transport. What is more, dehydrated fruit is less filthy since much water is removed from it while keeping the fructose and nutrients. This fructose, or fruit sugar, can act as a great energy source. Drying is an excellent way of processing food since it does not induce loss of any nutrient from the fruit in question.

How the fruits are dried

For the purpose of drying fruit, it is placed in the environment with excellent circulation of air. Totally ripe fruits are dried, and they can be placed in direct sunlight or wind or put into space which is supplied with artificial warm breeze that will dehydrate it. The process of dehydration leaves the fruit with 20 to 25 percent smaller water content after it has dried. Of course, details pertaining to the dehydration process will depend on the specific type of fruit that is being dried. Particular fruits require treating with sulphur oxide during the process of dehydration with a view to retaining the original colour of the fruit. What should be kept in mind is that adding sulphur to fruit eliminates vitamins D and B1 from it.

Most frequently dried fruits

Although any fruit can be dried, some fruits are more frequently dried than others. For example, dehydrated apricot and plum are widely dried and available. They represent a very good foodstuff. What is to be found in them in abundance is beta-carotene, which is vastly beneficial for the skeletal system, skin, hair, teeth, eyes et cetera. The antioxidants contained in dry apricots and plums are excellent allies in fighting cancerous diseases, coronary ailments and cataract. Since, they are rich in magnesium and calcium, as well as fibers, they make a very healthy snack.

Also, among the frequently dried fruits we have cherry, strawberry and cranberry. Now, these are all extremely healthy foods. They all have relatively high fiber content. Cranberry is a star here. Not only is it rich in the aforementioned fiber, but it also contains antibacterial agents. It is especially recommended to people who are suffering from a urinary infection. These dried fruits will provide invaluable natural assistance to your health if you are having troubles with arthritis, gout and other ailments of the joint. Also, take them if you are experiencing problems with high cholesterol and like eating sweets, since these dried fruits contain extremely low levels of saturated fats.

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